Most frequent questions and answers

Click on the register button on our homepage and become a part of the ACTIVeat family! Choose your plan and duration. Or contact us directly via info@activeat.in or 9833011895 for more information

Prices of the meal plans are mentioned on each of the meal plan pages. If you have any doubts, you can contact us via 9833011895 and one of our experts will guide you through choosing the perfect meal plan to suit your needs and the pricing. 

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  1. Choose your Plan
  2. Consult our Nutritionist for a personalized meal plan
  3. Detox before starting your diet
  4. Get 2/3/4 freshly cooked meals delivered to your doorstep
  5. Weekly check-ins with our Nutritionist
  6. Healthier and Happier You!

Once subscribed to an Activeat meal plan you have access to our nutritional helpline via WhatsApp which is made available to you 24/7.

You can also fill out a request on your dashboard to speak directly to one of our nutritionists.

All allergen and medical condition issues will be tackled in the initial consultation with our nutritionists. Rest assured nothing gets delivered to you unless all you nutritional needs are thoroughly vetted by our experts.

If you are not already on any supplements then you may not need any during the course of your meal plan. Nonetheless our nutritionist will mediate this with you in your initial consultation before starting meals.

Your assigned nutritionist will keep checking in with you on a weekly basis to do keto tests and/or make changes to your macros needs depending upon level of weight-loss. Moreover, you will be provided a self-help chart and your own Activeat online dashboard to update and keep track of every step in your weight-loss journey.

Deliveries are done once a day i.e. Morning Delivery (8 am-11am) 

Absolutely! we do not want a mere weekend getting in the way of your weight-loss journey. Saturday deliveries will be conducted as normal i.e. 2 times in the day but on Sundays you’ll be delivered all four meals in one afternoon delivery.

All request for change in delivery must be made before 7 pm the day before for both the morning delivery and Afternoon delivery. Its always advised to update delivery addresses as early as possible.

You are entitled to pause your meal subscription plan  as per your convenience. Just make sure you speak to our nutritionists before and/or update us directly or through your personal Activeat dashboard. All requests for a pause in meal delivery MUST be put in before 12 pm the day before. For example if you wish to take a break from Friday onwards the request must be put in before 12 pm on Thursday. Any requests post 12 pm will not be considered and your meals will be charged for the day day.

Contact us directly via info@activeat.in or 9833011895 to cancel your meal plan