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Bakery products ranging from Keto, Low carb, Gluten free and High protein ​​

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Get Keto, Low Carb, High Protein and Gluten Free bakery products to fit seamlessly into your healthy lifestyle

Dieting and getting in shape are usually associated with giving up on sweet treats and foods you love. So at ACTIVeat, we decided that a sustainable lifestyle change and a journey towards a healthier you, shouldn’t be based on an ultra restrictive diet.

With ACTIVeat bakery, you don’t have to choose between delicious and nutritious.

We have a decadent selection of healthy bakery products, from cookies to cakes, breads, protein bars and even granola! We have something for everyone.

Any diet that you follow, with ACTIVeat or otherwise, these bakery products are designed to add to it. Rest assured, have a guilt free indulgence with these treats that you can trust.

ACTIVeat is a FSSAI certified company. All products are quality checked at every stage of preparation and all health and safety precautions as stated by the FSSAI are met.


Are ACTIVeat Bakery products Keto Friendly ?

Yes, absolutely! We have 100% Keto Friendly Food choices! We love our fellow Keto-ers.

We have an amazing spread of Keto bakery products that are healthy and tasty. If you’re looking for Keto Cakes, Keto biscuits or Keto Desserts which are super low carb while not compromising on the taste, you’ve come to the right healthy bakery!

Ask our experts! Any questions on our keto bakery products or our ketogenic meal plan, pricing or delivery schedule, drop us a message or give us a call!

Are ACTIVeat Bakery products Gluten free ?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of gluten free food products options in breads, cookies, cakes and desserts. Our selection of Keto Bakery products are gluten free. These healthy cakes, cookies, breads and desserts are suitable for anyone who is on a gluten free and/or keto diet.

Are ACTIVeat Bakery products Vegan ?

For our Keto, Low Carb and high protein breads vegan options are available!

Where do you deliver ACTIVeat bakery products ?

We’re a healthy bakery proudly located in Mumbai. But, we do deliver healthy bakery products across India! Keto Bakery products to Low carb and Vegan bread options are all available at our bakery online.

All items are made to order and delivered fresh.

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