What is A keto diet?

A keto diet is a meal plan that does not rely on carbohydrates for energy, the keto diet turns your body into a fat burning machine. Using healthy fats as your primary source of energy.

The goal of a Keto diet is to put your body into ketosis – with a meal plan HIGH in FATS and LOW in Carbs, you lose weight more efficiently. Numerous studies show that a keto diet can also help reduce inflammation, improve mental clarity and focus. 

Trial Meal Plans

1 Day/5 Days
  • 2 Meals a day - Rs.600/Rs3,000
  • 3 Meals a day - Rs.800/Rs.4000
  • 4 Meals a day - Rs.1,000/Rs 5,000

Meal Plans

10 Days
  • 2 Meals a day - Rs.6,000
  • 3 Meals a day - Rs.8,000
  • 4 Meals a day - Rs.10,000

Meal Plans

30 Days
  • 2 Meals a day - Rs.16,500
  • 3 Meals a day - Rs.21,000
  • 4 Meals a day - R.25,000

Meal Plans

60 Days
  • 2 Meals a day - Rs.32,000
  • 3 Meals a day - Rs.40,500
  • 4 Meals a day - Rs.48,000

What This Keto Meal Plan Includes


Choose meal plans between

2 Meals a Day

3 Meals a Day

4 Meals a Day

Caters to

Choose based on your preference





1 or 5 Days Trial

10 Days

30 Days

60 Days


Nutritional Guidance

Workout Regime

Weekly Progress Tracking


FAQs about the ACTIVeat Keto Diet Plan

Why The ACTIVeat Keto Meal plan ?

We have uncomplicated your Keto Meal Delivery :

We don’t offer quick fixes or fads. No hidden ingredients, no shortcuts, ever.

We do the work of making food ready when you are with both nutrition and taste in mind, you’ll yearn for these Keto meals when you have a look at our sample menu!

Our keto meals are packed with locally grown, fresh ingredients which are packed with healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Always fresh, never frozen.

Every keto meal are made from scratch by Chef Amit and designed by nutrionists.

A Stress-free, Keto food delivery :

With our healthy meal delivery service, you get healthy, chef-prepared meals delivered to your home or office.

Our chefs cook scrumptious meals inspired by Indian and Asian cuisines. Everything is free from preservatives, low in calories and processed sugars, but the amazing flavors are preserved!

We sweat the tough stuff, so you don’t have to. Every ACTIVeat Keto meal is cooked from scratch by real chefs using the freshest ingredients.

Your order is delivered fresh to your door — never frozen along the way.

Just heat, eat and enjoy. Your ACTIVeat Keto meals can be eaten when they arrive or microwaved. We take care of everything, so you can focus on doing things you love and living your best life.

Save time with Keto in mind :

Researching, grocery shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning might take away time from doing what you love. With ACTIVeat, you can rest easy knowing all that is taken care of.

ACTIVeat Keto meals nourish you all day long. We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

Our Keto delivery ensures you save time, from our kitchen to your table, the fastest way to health.

The (St)Art Of Keto :

Ketogenic Diet is not just meal plan, it’s a state of mind, it’s how you feel when you look in the mirror, it’s a way of life. And that is why we have simplified Keto for you.

You won’t get bored with our keto meals. No repeat meals for 30 days.

Not sure if Keto is the way to go for you?

Ask our experts! Any questions on our ketogenic meal plan, pricing or delivery schedule, drop us a message or give us a call!

I am a Vegetarian, can I still go on a Keto diet ?

Yes! The ACTIVeat Keto diet meal plan comes with 3 options you can choose from : Vegetarian, Eggetarian and Non-vegetarian. 


Can I eat snacks and desserts on a Keto Diet?

Yes! The ACTIVeat bakery has a ton of keto-friendly desserts and snacks you can feast on while still following your keto diet.

How many carbs are there in my keto meal?

We keep your carb intake low in accordance to keto diet guidelines. Your meal plan has 5% Carbs, 70% Fats and 25% Proteins


Do you deliver across Mumbai ?

Yes, we offer keto food delivery across Mumbai. All deliveries occur between 8 am - 11 am.