Do’s and Don’ts Of Intermittent Fasting

You are probably following an IF plan or are planning to begin with and maybe that’s how you landed on this blog. And if you are yet living under a rock and don’t know what IF is all about you can read my article on the basics of IF here

After writing my previous article I got quite a few questions on what should one eat to break the IF, when should one exercise, what to avoid, etc. So, let’s begin!

What should I eat during the fasting period?

Firstly, you should be well hydrated before breaking your fast. You can break your fast by eating a small seasonal fruit and some nuts. Make sure not to go crazy on the fruits and eat 3/4 whole fruits. Post 15 to 20 mins you can eat a good breakfast which can include oats, dairy, eggs, lean meat, salads, etc.

What should I avoid during the whole day?

Avoid processed or packaged food and high starchy food which just gives a spike in your insulin levels and would make you feel more hungry as well, especially towards the end of the day.
If you have a sweet tooth, like me :P, limit your desserts to twice a week and preferably have the desserts during lunchtime.

When should I exercise?

Working out on an empty stomach has shown to burn more fat than usual and if you have the energy you can workout first thing in the morning. Else, post your first meal is also cool.Don’t exercise pre or post your last meal, since you would feel hungry post-workout and would require a good amount of food intake to make up for it. Ideally, keep 2 meals to eat post-workout.

What can I drink while fasting?

Dihydrogen Monoxide is your best friend and you should have lots of it. Apart from that, you can also have black tea, black coffee, green tea, lime water/soda (no sugar), bone broth, or any drink which has 0-10 calories.

Note:- Everyone is different and their needs would vary as well. The meals that you consume should be inside your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

Pranay Jham

Pranay Jham

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