The ACTIVeat online bakery has a wide range of healthy keto and low carb cookies that are perfect diet cookies

We’ve stepped up our cookie game so you can update your cookies with us. Whether you get snacky on your healthy diet or would like to make small healthy changes starting from your tea time muchines to your mid-meal cravings, we’ve got you covered.

These cookies are perfect for anyone on a keto or low carb diet. Choose from keto double chocolate cookies to keto coconut cookies, keto peanut butter cookies, keto almond cookies, keto walnut cookies, keto coffee cookies, low carb chocolate chip cookies, low carb peanut butter cookies, low carb oatmeal cookies and low carb coconut cookies.

ACTIVeat is a FSSAI certified company. All products are quality checked at every stage of preparation and all health and safety precautions as stated by the FSSAI are met.


Are the ACTIVeat cookies Gluten Free ?

The selection of ACTIVeat keto cookies are gluten free and perfect for a keto and gluten free diet.

These healthy cookies are made from all natural ingredients and are the perfectly healthy diet cookies for any occasion (or even when there isn’t one!)

Ask our experts! Any questions on our healthy diet cookies and/or our diet meal plans, pricing or delivery schedule, drop us a message or give us a call!

Are ACTIVeat cookies Keto Friendly ?

Yes, we have a range of Keto friendly cookies that have carb content as low as 1.5 g per cookie. They make for a great keto dessert and the perfect companion for a cup of hot tea or coffee after a long day.

These sugar-free cookies from ACTIVeat are better than the real thing, so you won’t miss the processed, ultra high carb, filled with refined sugar generic biscuits available in the supermarket

Are ACTIVeat cookies Low Carb ?

Yes! The ACTIVeat bakery has a low carb cookies range include : low carb coconut, chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter and coffee cookies! Will work perfectly for anyone on a low carb diet or anyone trying to make smaller switches to diet cookies for a healthy lifestyle change.

We also offer a low carb diet meal plan. Click here to find out more!


Where do you deliver ACTIVeat healthy diet cookies ?

We’re a healthy bakery proudly located in Mumbai. But, we do deliver healthy bakery products across India! Keto, gluten free and low carb  cookie options are all available at our bakery online. 

All items are made to order and delivered fresh. Each order contains 12 pieces of cookie.