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Healthy Breads : Perfectly diet friendly breads for those on keto, low carb, high protein or gluten free diets.

Do you think you’ll have to give up your beloved bread if you go on a diet? Think again!

With ACTIVeat bakery breads and buns, you don’t have to choose between delicious and nutritious. We have a wide range of keto breads, low carb high protein breads, gluten free breads with vegan options available for them!

These Keto and low carb, high protein breads are gluten free and perfect for anyone on a keto or low carb diet. Our products range from keto almond loaf, sesame loaf, flax seed loaf, almond cheese and herb loaf, garlic herbed loaf, focaccia loaf, almond burger buns, mini burger buns, keto burger buns and low carb burger buns.

We also have gluten free almond flour and keto multi seed flour for the baker in you! Make rotis, parathas, chillas, cakes, breads and desserts that are keto friendly using these gluten free, keto flours.

ACTIVeat is a FSSAI certified company. All products are quality checked at every stage of preparation and all health and safety precautions as stated by the FSSAI are met.


Are the ACTIVeat breads keto friendly ?

Yes! All our ACTIVeat breads are completely gluten free and keto friendly. Perfect for anyone on a keto and/or low carb high protein diet. Our keto and gluten free breads have carb content as low as 2 g per slice. You can use them to make keto recipes or as mid-meal and evening snacks, without hampering your keto diet.

The ACTIVeat keto meal plan can also help you stay on track and shed kgs effectively without compromising on your taste. Click here to know more!

Ask our experts! Any questions on our healthy bread and/or diet meal plans, pricing or delivery schedule, drop us a message or give us a call!

Are the ACTIVeat breads gluten free?

Yes. All our ACTIVeat breads and buns are perfectly low carb and high protein. Perfect for anyone on a low carb diet or anyone trying to eat healthy and swap regular high carb, processed breads for healthier, natural alternatives.

Are the ACTIVeat breads low carb ?

Yes, all ACTIVeat bakery breads are perfectly low carb and high protein. Low carb breads and low carb burger buns fit seamlessly into your low carb diet meal plan!

Or, you could leave the shopping, chopping and cooking to us, while we deliver perfectly planned low carb meal plans right to your doorstep. Click here to know more!

Are the ACTIVeat breads vegan ?

We have eggless bread alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. You don’t have to compromise on your love for the environment and everything in it. All our ingredients are natural, real and ethically sourced. Vegan breads or any component in its making, do not come in contact with any animal products or residues. Enjoy the same great taste that is vegan friendly.

Where do you deliver ACTIVeat healthy keto, low carb and gluten free breads ?

We’re a healthy bakery proudly located in Mumbai. But, we do deliver healthy bakery products across India! Keto Bakery products to Low carb and Vegan bread options are all available at our bakery online.

All items are made to order and delivered fresh.