5 Ways you’re making your salad unhealthy!

Salads are a healthy yet delicious combination of fresh green veggies high in fiber and nutrition. Top your salad with some locally available fruits to make it colorful and a perfect balanced sweet and sour salad is ready. But things don’t stop here. Copying the western tradition, we Indians have started adding a wide variety of toppings such as croutons, chips, dressings and cheesy sauces. This does more harm to your health than any good leaving you in an illusion of a healthy diet. Here are a few mistakes you might be making and some healthy alternatives for the same that you can easily apply to your everyday salad recipe.

  1. Dressing

The dressing on your salad can make or break your salad. Adding a tasteful combination of dressings can turn your veggie based salad into a delicious meal but you should avoid these sauces as much as you can because they contain almost no nutritional benefit. Replace these artificial flavours with olive oil or vinegar.

  1. Cheese

One may argue that no salad is completed without a cheesy topping or a creamy sauce but cheese contains truck loads of fats and calories. Try to avoid as much cheese as you can. Schedule your cheesy meals for your cheat days and not in your everyday salad.

  1. Crunchies

Picking up the healthiest crunch for your salad is the most difficult task because most people go wrong at this step. Ingredients such as croutons, nachos and taco strips will make your salad taste extremely delicious but also adds a whole lot of unwanted carbs and fats. Replace them with unsalted walnuts or edible seeds.

  1. Dried fruit

Dried fruits are often preserved and contain artificial sugars. This may do no good to your healthy and crunchy meal. It is very important to choose the correct topping. Fresh fruits like grapes, pomegranate, strawberries and oranges will add color to your salad and will add a nice splash of sweet and sour taste.

  1. Greens

Have you noticed? Almost all salads have iceberg lettuce as the common ingredient, but if you dive deep into the nutritional benefits of lettuce, you will get to know that lettuce just adds a nice crunch to your salad. Lettuce has practically no nutrients or fibers present. 

What should be the replacement then?

The best greens for your body are the locally available greens that are darker in color. For example, spinach, coriander, leaf lettuce and kale would be a powerful nutrient packed addition to your healthy snack. Or you could order the deliciously healthy salads with wholesome greens and hand crafted dressings, right here from ACTIVeat salad bowl plans!