5 foods to include in your weight loss diet

Losing weight and staying fit is everyone’s new year resolution. To get back in shape your diet should be rich in nutrients. But with 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables available, how do you identify what is best? It has been observed that there are certain foods that help you shred those extra kilos much faster than others. So we have made a list of everyday foods that you should include in your weight loss diet :

  1. Strawberries

This vitamin- C rich fruit is an excellent ingredient for weight loss and also is super amazing for our skin and hair. Additionally, strawberries are also rich in potassium and fiber. One cup of strawberries is enough for our daily dose of vitamin-C and are low in calories so you need not worry about our calorie count.

  • Leafy Greens 

When it’s about weight loss, one cannot miss the leaf greens. They contain abundant amounts of nutrients, are full of fibre, are low in calories and full of fiber. The fibre in these vegetables keeps a person full and avoids unhealthy eating. Having leafy greens everyday also helps to prevent constipation and overeating. 

  • Flax Seeds

With a generous dose of omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds are excellent for our heart and control the blood sugar levels. Flax seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and its daily consumption would do wonders to our health.  

  • Oatmeal

Starting our day with a bowl of oatmeal is the best way to keep you full for hours. Top it up with fruits and nuts and this will double up its nutrient value instantl. Cereals should be replaced with a health bowl of oatmeal as it contains more proteins, more fiber and less sugar when compared with cereals. 

  •  Nuts

Nuts are a rich source of protein and fibre that influences our body weight. They also contain healthy fats and other nutrients that are extremely beneficial for our body to function and to boost immunity. Replace our fried and oil snacks with roasted nuts that keep you full and provide nutrients and energy to our body. While nuts can be included as part of a healthful diet, moderation is still required since they are an energy dense food. 


We hope you have got enough reasons to include the above mentioned foods in our daily diet to shed those extra kilos and get back in shape. Replace our unhealthy snacks with lots of fruits, leaves and nuts and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year, start fresh, bid a goodbye to junk food and welcome fresh, healthy and balanced meals.